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Lot 50BE from the South

Updated pictures: Lot 50BE from the southern perspective, below.

Lot 50BE is a 49,979 square foot unimproved lot at Denver Centennial Airport (KAPA) on Colorado's Front Range.  It is bordered on the north by East Control Tower Road, and on the south by an active taxi lane.  To the west is JetCenter's fuel farm, and to the east is the 12200 hangar / office building.  More info.

Cygnus Lift Rebranded, Now it's Tyr Jet

 In order to eliminate confusion and ambiguity regarding the phonic pronunciation of the name Cygnus Lift, I have decided to rename the company. The new name is Tyr Jet, taking the name of an ancient symbol of sacrifice, trade, and the rule of law.  The change is in name and logo only, with other legal characteristics of the business entity remaining the same. The new website will be located at tyrjet.com.  I look forward to new aircraft projects in the coming year under the new brand!  See you next year.

Phelps Lane
Delivery Accepted: N156WL

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Today I accepted delivery of Pilatus PC-12/45 serial number 245, bearing US registration marks N156WL from Levaero Aviation.  After a brief acceptance flight to Pickle Lake to verify the configuration and proper operation of all systems, I have happily accepted delivery of my second refurbishment project aircraft!  Pictures and more info here.

Phelps Lanepilatus, pc12, n156wl
MSN245 Final Configuration Complete

Denver, Colorado, USA

Final configuration is complete for my second project aircraft, Pilatus PC-12/45 serial number 245.  This aircraft will feature the following upgrades and changes over a standard legacy aircraft:

Up front...

  • A new Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67P engine
  • A new MT Quiet Fan Jet, 5-blade natural composite propeller
  • New Dual Garmin GTN 750 gps/nav/comms
  • New Garmin GTX33ES remote, extended squitter transponder
  • New Garmin GMA350 audio panel
  • Relocation of the autopilot, weather radar, and EFIS 1 & 2 control heads for improved CRM

In the back...

  • Completely refurbished executive interior, including refinished cabinetry, carpeting, lavatory, sidewalls, drinkrails, and headliner
  • Refurbished and re-upholstered 4 place executive club seating, plus
  • New 4 place standard seating

I eagerly await seeing the finished project, hopefully not long after the New Year!

Phelps Lane
Delivered to Customer: N307WL

Denver, Colorado, USA

Today I delivered N307WL to a customer, closing the circle on the first airframe to complete Cygnus Lift's unique PC-12 mid-lifing program.  This is an important milestone, as the first project aircraft is now stabilized, allowing me to move to the second aircraft.

N307WL, a commuter-configured aircraft with 9 passenger seats and no lavatory, will join my customer's existing fleet of PC-12 and jet aircraft on the eastern seaboard of the United States, and, following conformity, will immediately be placed into commercial service.  This serves as ample testament to the high quality of the refurbishment process and the vendors selected to undertake all the necessary work to complete, namely Pilatus Centre Canada and Finnoff Aviation Products.  Thanks all for your hard work and dedication, and let's look forward to another successful project!

Phelps Lane
Delivery Accepted: N307WL

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Today I accepted delivery of Pilatus PC-12/45 serial number 307, bearing US registration marks N307WL from Pilatus Centre Canada.  After a brief acceptance flight to Pickle Lake to verify the configuration and proper operation of all systems, I happily accepted delivery of my first refurbishment project aircraft!

Later today I will be importing the aircraft to the United States and will begin demonstration flights for potential buyers / lessees.  I look forward to showing this aircraft.  Here are some pictures of today's delivery:

Phelps Lane
Cygnus Lift Founded

10 September 2014.  Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, Broomfield, Colorado.

Cygnus Lift, LLC was formed today with the intent to capitalize niche opportunities in the business aircraft market, specifically, to purchase, restore, refurbish and improve existing single-engine turboprop aircraft meeting certain minimum criteria.  The first platform we intend to target is the Swiss aircraft company Pilatus' PC-12.  These aircraft have been manufactured with a very long design lifespan, and are proving to be a viable mid-life program asset.  Check back for more updates on this undertaking soon!

Phelps Lane