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Delivered to Customer: N307WL

Denver, Colorado, USA

Today I delivered N307WL to a customer, closing the circle on the first airframe to complete Cygnus Lift's unique PC-12 mid-lifing program.  This is an important milestone, as the first project aircraft is now stabilized, allowing me to move to the second aircraft.

N307WL, a commuter-configured aircraft with 9 passenger seats and no lavatory, will join my customer's existing fleet of PC-12 and jet aircraft on the eastern seaboard of the United States, and, following conformity, will immediately be placed into commercial service.  This serves as ample testament to the high quality of the refurbishment process and the vendors selected to undertake all the necessary work to complete, namely Pilatus Centre Canada and Finnoff Aviation Products.  Thanks all for your hard work and dedication, and let's look forward to another successful project!

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